“Our experience with the Project Self-Esteem program has been extremely positive. The students enjoy it, the teachers appreciate it, and the volunteers teaching have a lot of fun sharing these core values. The lessons are fun and uplifting and have profound effects on the students and their self-esteem. When the students feel they have value, they are happier and do better in school and in life. These lessons have at their core, the best interest of each individual student at heart. They help to develop values that when instilled in a child, will serve to guide them through challenges and trials for the rest of their lives.”

Eileen Kostyk – PTA President at Butterfield Ranch Elementary

“Today was my last day teaching Project Self-Esteem in my daughter’s 6th grade class. I must say …. after all my years of volunteering in the classroom, these have to be THE BEST TAUGHT LESSONS EVER! I am so thankful for Wendy’s passion in creating curriculum that teaches valuable lessons on wisdom, individuality, cooperation, self-discipline, honesty, gratitude, and forgiveness! I am not sure who learned more… the students or myself, but what I do know is that it was an absolute FANTASTIC year and I will greatly miss all of the students as they move on to junior high.” 

Cristina Sands, mother and volunteer at Butterfield Ranch Elementary 

“PSE is a wonderful program at our school! The valuable lessons and discussion points are age-appropriate and engaging. We appreciate how they are grade specific. Our students, teachers, and volunteers look forward to the activities and relatable topics each month.”

Marlo Guerra, PTA member

“To Mrs Cullum, thank you for taking time out of your day to teach us something. Project Self-Esteem is really fun. It also shows us how to have good self-esteem. You helped people be nice and that’s nice so thank you.”
Butterfield Ranch Elementary student
“I want to thank you for everything you did for us. You taught me how to control my anger and how to make people happy.”
Butterfield Ranch Elementary student
“Thank you for the Project Self-Esteem. I learned a lot about bullying and other stuff. Your the best teacher .”
Butterfield Ranch Elementary student
“Thank you for giving time to our class. It means a lot because you taught me manners and everything I need to succeed.”
Butterfield Ranch Elementary student
“You made me a better person from Project Self-Esteem.”
Butterfield Ranch Elementary student


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