7 ways parents can help strengthen their childs self-esteem!

Like trust, self-esteem can take months, even years to build and sometimes seconds to destroy. Its critical that parents pay close attention to their childs self-esteem. I have come up with 7 ways to accomplish this task.

1. Service- When we help others, our self-esteem is increased. When we are experiencing our own “pity party”, there’s no faster way to switch this energy than to help someone else. A smile, kind word, phone call, or warm cookies will do.

2. Gratitude- When we are grateful for what we have, then we are not focusing on what we are lacking. Our kids are used to instant gratification these days. A great idea is to have a blank poster board that the whole family can write 1000 things to be grateful for and leave it out for a week. This is a great reminder of ALL that we have.

3. Spending time- One of the greatest ideas that a child can grasp is the knowledge that the people who are closest to them actually care about who they are as a person.  Talk to them about their interests.

4. Rules and Boundries- Kids need rules! If they are free to do whatever they want, there will be trouble. If you provide rules and boundries, they will know you care and want them to have self-discipline and to succeed.

5.Praise- We must tell our children we are proud of them. They need to know that we accept them no matter what. If they fail, tell them that you are so proud of how hard they tried.

6.Increase our self-esteem- If we walk around the house saying we are fat, or dumb, guess who is going to hear us? Yep, our kids mirror what we do.

7.Help them pick good friends-Their peers are so important. We don’t want our kids to be influenced wrongly by those they associate with. Spend time with their friends. Who knows, they might be influenced for good by you!



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