Im a brand new author!

Hi friends,

Im so excited to share with you my book, Project Self-Esteem for Kids! It has been so fun writing the lessons and then trying them out on students at Butterfield elementary. I was inspired to write the book when the program was going to be discontinued at our school and I stepped up and offered to rewrite it to make it currant and relevant .  I would write, teach, then make changes on the lessons according to the kids reactions.

Its a fun way for our kids to realize how important they are and how they are the ones who are in control of their feelings. I ask them “who has the greatest opportunity to compliment you?” they might say their friends or family. but…. no, it is only themselves! ultimately they are the ones that decide how they feel about themselves.

I teach them subjects like, wisdom, individuality, compassion, cooperation, friendship, courage, honesty, humility, etc. All of these lessons show them how to raise their self-esteem.

The best part is the reaction of the students that I teach. They all love the lessons. The teachers are grateful also because we discuss values and life lessons.

My goal is to bring this program to every school in America. I thank you for your help and connections

love, Wendy


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