wendy-pic-3-5I have been teaching the Project Self-Esteem program for over 12 years. Three years ago I updated and rewrote the program to make it current and it has been well received by students, teachers, and the volunteers who teach it.

The book “Project Self-Esteem for Kids” consists of 16 value-building lessons that are age appropriate for your target audience in elementary schools. The lesson subjects are: Wisdom, Individuality, Cooperation, Compassion, Self-discipline, Honesty, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Respect, Uniqueness, Joy, Determination, Kindness, Courage, Humility and Friendship. They are separated in two groups. Lessons for second and third grade students, and lessons for fourth through sixth grade students. Each lesson consists of a discussion about the topic, at least one object lesson, a story, and some other form of activity to inspire students with the subject being taught. A fun part of the book is called “Spotlight”. Each student is asked questions about themselves and their answers are shared with the class to learn more about them. A paper with the student’s name in the center is passed around the room and the students write positive comments around their name. The student being “Spotlighted” gets to take the paper home after the lesson. When they are having a bad day, they can look at all of the positive comments about themselves resulting in higher self esteem for that individual. These lessons introduce the students to the core values that help them thrive in their personal lives as well as with friends and groups of people.

Teaching children is my passion and helping them realize their potential is crucial. My goal is to bring this program to schools across the nation.

My services will include: my book Project Self-Esteem, my personal training in running the program successfully, and I will be available for questions at any time.

Please contact me here with any questions you have!


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